Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Birth as a Doula

I woke up on Sunday running late, threw on a hat and drove to where I was take a doula workshop.  As we are finishing up, I get a text from my client that her water had broke and she was going to the hospital....and then my heart kind of skips a beat (or a few).  She was supposed to be induced on Tuesday! I'm not prepared!  I have a hat on for goodness sake!  So I think our instructor, rush home, and try to contain my hat hair.

When I found out she was being admitted, I headed over to the hospital with my "doula bag" in tow.  I arrived at the hospital at 4 pm.  After everything was settled, the waiting game began.  At around 5 am the next morning, I was able to support my client as she gave birth to her beautiful daughter and it was amazing.

It is surreal to think that I've already helped with my first birth as a doula.  That this career and life path is now on it's way.  I learned a few things along the way too.  That my husband is unbelievably supportive and even with little sleep he watched the girls all day Thursday while I went to volunteer at The Doula Foundation, Thursday night while I went to a breastfeeding class, Friday-Sunday while I was at my Doula Workshop, Sunday night while I was at the hospital, and today when I came home and slept all day.  That is not something everyone can say their husband would do, but I'm grateful that he supports what I feel I'm called to do.  My parents are also awesome because while Steven had to work on Sunday afternoon they watched the girls for me.  I also learned that being up from 7 am Sunday until 8 am Monday without a lot of food really wears me out, but now I know the kind of snacks I need to take next time.

But what it really comes down to is my beautiful client and her sweet daughter.  It really was a privilege to be able to be there with them through such a special time.

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Now I have the itch, I can't wait until I get to help my next client!

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  1. I think you've officially found your calling. There's a career that you LOVE. And hey, you get to see babies born all the time :) Good luck on your new, and exciting, journey Brandy. Uber proud to read more!